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Heidi Stine
June 7, 2016 | Heidi Stine

bulk albariño for sale

Bokisch Vineyards (Victor, CA) has 750 gallons of 2015 Albarino for sale for $14/gallon. Please contact Elyse Perry, Winemaker at Bokisch Vineyards for information at or 415-412-7707.

Heidi Stine
August 1, 2015 | Heidi Stine

happy international albariño day!

Happy International Albariño Day from TAPAS!  And greetings to everyone attending the Albariño Wine Festival in Cambados, Spain! 

There have been some great photos from the festival on Twitter - search for #albariño, #albarino or #AlbarinoFiesta. 


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Heidi Stine
July 20, 2015 | Heidi Stine

tempranillo grapes for sale

Cholame Vineyard, an award-winning winery located in Cholame Valley, San Miguel, CA, has Tempranillo grapes for sale from their upcoming 2015 vintage. 

Tempranillo / 7 Tons at $1,500 per ton

Please call 805.610.1122 if interested.


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Heidi Stine
July 14, 2015 | Heidi Stine

best in show albariño

Congratulations to Wedding Oak Winery in San Saba, Texas - winner of Best Albariño and a Double Gold Medal for their 2013 Albariño, at the 2015 San Francisco International Wine Competition!


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Heidi Stine
July 2, 2015 | Heidi Stine

tapas albariños featured

Wine writer Mike Dunne reviews the most enticing Albariños from the 2015 TAPAS Grand Wine Tasting, in this article from the Sacramento Bee:

Dunne on Wine: Regional winemakers embrace Iberia’s albariño

You won't want to miss the great photo of Markus and Liz Bokisch in the vineyard with their cat!

Also check out Mike's blog, A Year in Wine!


Heidi Stine
July 1, 2015 | Heidi Stine

updated winners!

Since the last post, we discovered lots of TAPAS members who received awards from the San Francisco International Wine Competition! Here's a list of all the award-winning Iberian varietal wines from our members. 

Again, let us know if we missed anyone - the complete list of winners is at

A special Congratulations to Harney Lane Winery whose 2011 Tempranillo won Best in Show - the best Tempranilo among all the entries worldwide! 

Abacela Vineyards and Winery, Roseburg, OR:
- 2014 Estate Grenache Rosé, Umpqua Valley - Gold Medal
- 2012 Barrel Select Tempranillo, Umpqua Valley - Silver Medal

Bending Branch Winery, Comfort, TX:
- 2012 Tempranillo, Texas High Plains - Bronze Medal

Bokisch Vineyards, Victor, CA:
- 2014 Albariño, Clements Hills - Silver Medal

Brennan Vineyards, Comanche, TX:
– 2013 Tempranillo, Texas - Double Gold Medal
- 2014 Mourvèdre Dry Rosé, Comanche County - Double Gold Medal
- 2013 Reserve Tempranillo, Texas - Silver Medal

Caduceus Cellars, Jerome, AZ:
- 2012 Sancha Tempranillo, Arizona - Bronze Medal

Castoro Cellars, Templeton, CA:
- 2013 Tempranillo, Paso Robles - Double Gold Medal

Crew Wine Company, Zamora, CA:
- 2011 Matchbook Tempranillo, Dunnigan Hills - Bronze Medal
- 2014 Matchbook Rosé of Tempranillo, Dunnigan Hills - Bronze Medal

Dancing Coyote Wines, Rio Vista, CA:
- 2014 Estate Grown Albariño, Clarksburg - Silver Medal

Harney Lane Winery, Lodi, CA:
- 2012 Tempranillo, Lodi - BEST IN SHOW Tempranillo!
- 2014 Albariño, Lodi - Silver Medal

Las Positas Vineyards, Livermore, CA:
- 2012 Estate Tempranillo, Livermore Valley - Silver Medal

Oak Farm Vineyards, Lodi, CA:
- 2014 Albariño, Lodi - Gold Medal

Pedernales Cellars, Stonewall, TX:
- 2013 Tempranillo, Texas - Silver Medal
- 2013 Reserve Tempranillo, Texas - Silver Medal

Thirty-Seven Wines, Sonoma, CA:
- 2013 Albariño, Sonoma Coast - Gold Medal
- 2013 Grenache, Sonoma Coast - Gold Medal

Trenza & Tangent Wineries:
- 2013 Tangent Albariño, Edna Valley - Bronze Medal

Turkovich Family Wines, Winters, CA:
- 2011 Barrel Select Tempranillo, Yolo County - Gold Medal
- 2013 Albariño, Yolo County - Silver Medal
- 2013 Tempranillo, Yolo County - Silver Medal

Weisinger Family Winery, Ashland, OR:
- 2012 Estate Tempranillo, Rogue Valley - Silver Medal


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Heidi Stine
June 30, 2015 | Heidi Stine

tapas winners at sf wine competition

Congratulations to these TAPAS members on their awards from the 2015 San Francisco International Wine Competition!

- Harney Lane Winery:
  - 2012 Tempranillo, Lodi - BEST IN SHOW Tempranillo!
  - 2014 Albariño, Lodi - Silver Medal

- Weisinger Family Winery:
  - 2012 Estate Tempranillo, Rogue Valley - Silver Medal

- Brennan Vineyards:
  – 2013 Tempranillo, Texas - Double Gold Medal
  - 2014 Mourvèdre Dry Rosé, Comanche County - Double Gold Medal
  - 2013 Reserve Tempranillo, Texas - Silver Medal

Let us know if we've missed anyone!  You can see complete results at .

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Heidi Stine
June 29, 2015 | Heidi Stine

iberian grapes for sale

Due to personal health issues, Kenneth Volk Vineyards is downsizing in the 2015 harvest. Ken has Iberian grapes for sale from Paso Robles and San Benito. All vineyards are planted on Calcareous soils and professionally farmed.

Fruit available: Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir, Verdelho, Tempranillo, and Touriga Nacional.

Other heirloom grapes available: Aglianico and Blaufrankisch.

For more information contact Ken Volk at:

Time Posted: Jun 29, 2015 at 6:35 PM
Heidi Stine
February 7, 2015 | Heidi Stine

welcome vara wines

TAPAS is pleased to welcome Vara Wines, our first member from New Mexico.  Based in Albuquerque, they''re sourcing grapes from others while waiting for their New Mexico plantings of Spanish varieties to mature. 

Heidi Stine
February 1, 2015 | Heidi Stine

congratulations dos cabezas!

TAPAS members Kelly and Todd Bostock of Dos Cabezas WineWorks are featured in "Winemakers to Watch 2015: Meet our 10 rising-star vintners," an article by the San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Bonné.  Their fellow Arizona winemakers Sand-Reckoner Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars are also mentioned, along with Mike Roth, former winemaker at Martian Ranch & Vineyard in Los Alamos, CA.  This is the first year that any non-California winemakers have been included in this Top 10 list. Congratulations Todd & Kelly!